Advisory Services and/or Project Management of your PIM or MDM project

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If you are entering into the implementation of a Product Information Management or Master Data Management system, you are probably aware that even if you invested in the best technology money can buy, the real key to success lies in the implementation.

Have your requirements been clearly mapped out, and does a road map exist that clearly shows how to address these requirements?

You probably have some high-level ideas as an outcome of the buying process.

And your supplier probably also documented how they plan to manage the project, which undoubtedly involves a lot of workshops, documentation, training etc. and they are forming a project team that will work on your project.

The vendor’s project team will (hopefully) consist of subject-matter experts in how to use and configure their software. However, they know very little about your business and your specific situation.

Your team will know everything about your business and your specific requirements, but very little about the specific use and configuration of the new software.

This is a challenge facing every new project of this type, and is one of the critical elements of achieving a successful implementation.

In fact, one of the most common reasons I have seen why implementation projects fail is because the gap of mutual understanding between customer and supplier is not closed well enough. When the right level of understanding is not reached, project members on both sides start to make false assumptions and the implementation starts heading for a fall.

With me on your team, you will have someone by your side with a best-practice understanding of the technology, and the ability to ask the questions needed to ensure that the gap of mutual understanding is comfortably filled.

You also get someone by your side who understands the reality of the vendor’s situation. It is vital to your project’s success that any delays or changes to the agreed deliverables are brought to your attention as soon as possible, and that sometimes requires the ability to ask the right questions at the right time and sometimes even the ability to decipher what your supplier is telling you (or leaving out) during the implementation.

I can support your project at varying degrees of involvement – from a high-level advisory role spanning to a day-to-day involvement as a project team member, or even as an external project manager.

If you want to know more about how I can help you, please get in touch with me here and let’s talk.

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