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Product Information Manager Blog

The Product Information Manager Blog is targeted at people involved with the processes of bringing information of their company’s products to the attention of the customers – typically through publishing product catalogs whether in print, on the web, or in any other marketing channel.

If you think this is simple, you will probably not find this blog very interesting, because it is based on the premise that to many companies this discipline is in fact complex, costly, and, yes, hard.

If you have a fair amount of complexity in your product information landscape in terms of, for example, a high number of products, multiple languages, several media channels or market/customer-specific assortments, applications such as Excel or Word are probably not the right tools for you to manage all this data.

If you have not invested in a Product Information Management (PIM) or Master Data Management (MDM) system already, this might be something you should consider and reading the posts on this blog and subscribing to our newsletter will help you along this process.

The specific business advantages and capabilities that can be achieved by successfully implementing this type of systems are many, and are subject to careful examination and explanation throughout this blog.

For people new to Product Information Management and Master Data Management, the blog aims at helping you understand the concepts and how to get started, as well as help to answer questions such as:

  • How do we identify our requirements for a Product Information Management or Master Data Management system?
  • How do we pick the right solution?
  • What do we need to look for in a solution provider?
  • How do we ensure that we implement the system correctly?
  • and so on…

If you already have a Product Information Management or Master Data Management system implemented in your company, you have probably covered all these areas already, but stick around anyway, because we will also be exploring things such as:

  • New opportunities for your PIM or MDM system
  • How to know if your PIM or MDM system is up to par
  • When is it time to look at a new system?
  • The challenges of upgrading your system
  • and much more…

New content will be added to this site on a frequent basis, so I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter to stay updated.

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