Add PIM and MDM domain expertise to your Project Steering Group

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So, are you gearing up to kick off your Product Information Management or Master Data Management project?

Or maybe you are already in the midst of implementation, but you are getting concerned about the progress or the quality of the outcome?

What if you could have someone on your side of the table with 20 years of PIM and MDM experience, who can help you stay clear of the pitfalls and dangers that every project faces, and who is able to ask the right questions to uncover any weak spots in the planning or the project’s deliverables?

You can achieve this by adding me as adviser to your project, e.g. as a member of the Project Steering Group.

This group is full of experienced people that know all about your business, but to what degree is PIM or MDM domain expertise and experience represented within that group?

Get in touch with me now and let’s discuss how I can help you.

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