We have lift-off – Product Information Manager is airborne

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I am happy to announce that Productinformationmanager.com is now live.

This is the first official sign of my decision to start my own business. It is an old dream of mine that is finally coming true, and it feels really good to have come this far.

For two decades, I have helped amazing companies and people achieve the great benefits that Product Information Management and Master Data Management can provide, and on the way I have learned so much myself.

For all these years I was on the software vendor’s side of the table, and we were the experts on how to implement a solution that could solve a customers’ problems of poor data quality, double data maintenance, inefficient working procedures, too many manual tasks, and so on.

Throughout the years, I have come across many companies that were clearly in need of a Product Information Management system, but they did not really know enough about what to look for in a vendor’s proposed solution and how to pick the right one, which made them very insecure or even afraid of making a wrong decision.

Some took a leap of faith and just decided to trust the vendor they picked, while others simply never made a decision and continued to live with the consequences – ”better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”.

Of those companies that did make a decision, it was not always the right decision for various reasons, and a lot of money, time, effort and opportunity was wasted.

Sometimes the chosen solution was just not the right fit for the customer’s needs, and other times the way the solution got implemented was just not suitable.

Even if companies are new to investing in Product Information Management or Master Data Management, most companies today realize that knowledge and experience is a crucial ingredient in a successful IT implementation. The software’s features and functions do not cut it alone, and even the best software will not deliver if the wrong decisions are made during implementation.

With Product Information Manager, I want to help companies steer safely through the pitfalls when buying and implementing Product Information Management or Master Data Management systems and thus help them to achieve all the benefits that such a system can truly bring.

I will do this by sharing my experiences and knowledge on this blog, and by offering consulting services on Product Information Management and Master Data Management.

This is my very first post on this blog, but I will add many more in the future.

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