We have lift-off – Product Information Manager is airborne

I am happy to announce that Productinformationmanager.com is now live. This is the first official sign of my decision to start my own business. It is an old dream of mine that is finally coming true, and it feels really good to have come this far. For two decades, I have helped amazing companies and […]

What is the difference between Product Information Management and Master Data Management anyway?

When people at a private dinner party ask me what kind of business I am in, I sometimes make the mistake of injecting words like Product Information Management and Master Data Management into my reply. This is unfortunately often a bit of a conversation killer, and more often than not I am met with glazing […]

How Do You Choose the Right Vendor of a Product Information Management system?

I recently shopped for a mobile subscription for use in my new business. I applied the same buying strategy that I use for most purchases I make when I roughly know what I need, but do not know what will be the best option for me: I searched the web for answers and expected to […]