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Product Information Manager offers advisory and professional services within the acquisition and implementation of Product Information Management and Master Data Management technologies and methodologies.

The company is founded by Martin Kjeldsen and aims to help companies get successfully through all the different phases of making Product Information Management and Master Data Management work for them – from the initial as-is analysis and feasibility study, over the acquisition process to the implementation of the chosen technology.

If your company already have a Product Information Management or Master Data Management system implemented, you might find it interesting to:

  • Find new inspiration on how to take your use of the system to the next level
  • Discover new business opportunities that you could pursue by leveraging the power of your existing platform
  • Have your existing system audited. Your implementation, technology and work processes will be reviewed against best practices and you will get a thorough overview of where and how you could improve the system’s value to your business

Also see a list of our services here.

If you feel that the challenge that you are facing right now is not covered by this list, please get in touch and we can discuss further how we can be of help to you.

Product Information Manager is based in Denmark and there could therefore be geographical constraints to where we can offer on-site consultancy.

Northern and Central European countries incl. the UK are within feasible reach of travelling for on-site activities. For other locations, on-site activities are by special agreement only. We do also offer consultancy via online communication channels.

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